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Nadine Touzeau


Nadine Touzeau as speaker, Profiling conference of cybercriminals

SAVE THE DATE 14th to 15th March 2018, Cardiff, UK

Conference: « Profiling of cybercriminals »

In France there is something wrong with having missed the appointment to use my profession and my research on the behavior of cybercriminals. And my scientific book is not translated in english … Past is past, I hope that France will wake up now and try to catch up.

Analyzing human means making sure to make prediction in security and cybersecurity since every act is first committed by a human being.

Net-profiling makes it possible to understand the objectives and actions of cybercriminals beyond their appearance. But also to reveal their network, organization and differentiating behaviour in order to better understand and anticipate them.

My intervention is scheduled on March 14th at 17:15 : « Profiling conference of cybercriminals ».
The organizers offer you a discount of 20% on the Behavior Analysis show.
Please contact me privately for those who are interested in coming to this event.